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When Lord Krishna was born in this world, Janmashtami was an auspicious occasion. In India, the month of August or September is dedicated to commemorating the birth of Lord Krishna.5,200 years ago, he was born in Mathura. So, Mathura is also known as Krishna Bhumi.The Hindu majority in India celebrates this event all over the country. Sree Jayanti, Gokulashtami, and Srikrishna Jayanti are some of the titles given to this event by various groups of devotees. In order to rid the world of evil and promote brotherhood and love, Lord Krishna was born. After killing Kansa, Lord Krishna proved the prophecy that he would kill Devaki's eighth child, Lord Krishna. But when Bal Krishna was a baby, King Kansa tried many times to kill him, but he was always unable to do so.

All Hindus celebrate the festival of Krishna Janmashtami by fasting on the same day. After midnight the next day, the devotees break their fasts. They also perform aarti, or devotional songs, in honour of Lord Vishnu and Krishna to honour him. Devotees also sing some of the Lord's shlokas. Krishna's idol is adorned with new sparkling garments, mukut, and other jewellery.

In addition, many Hindu temples are decked out in lights and flowers in honour of this auspicious occasion. The temples host a variety of bhajans and kirtans. Krishna's life is depicted in a variety of ways in various religious institutions. Even elementary schools participate in the festivities by dressing their students in Lord Krishna costumes and putting on dance shows.

The Dahi Handi, which occurs on Krishna Janmashtami, is a key event in this festival as well. As a young child, Lord Krishna was known as Makhan Chor, and hence on every Krishna Janmashtami, an event takes place in which the rope is stretched high above the ground and a person needs to climb over a throng of people to make a hole in the Dahi Handi.

Janmashtami is one of the most prominent and vibrant celebrations in India. It's a Hindu festival that takes place every year during the monsoon season.For Hindus who practise Vaishnavism, this is a significant date.In Maharashtra, Janmashtami is a day of celebration and merriment. One of Krishna's most playful moments is recreated in this rite, which takes place the day following Janmashtami. People would hide milk products like yoghurt and butter from Krishna when he was a newborn because he enjoyed them so much. In order to get his hands on his favourite foods, Krishna would devise elaborate schemes, such as building a human pyramid with the help of his friends.

This story's charm, enthusiasm, and innocence are reflected in the high-strung pots of yoghurt hung from wires and poles. Boys in teams. The Dahi will be released when the pot is broken by the boy at the top of the pyramid. The offerings that have been poured out are revered. Women and neighbours in the neighbourhood cheer and tease the boys as they create the pyramid and climb it. People love to join in the fun by getting up and dancing, singing, and generally making a party of it.As a result of the ritual's growing popularity in Maharashtra, contests are regularly organised around the state, with monetary awards awarded to the winners. In Dwarka, Gujarat, a tradition known as Makhan Handi is celebrated.

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